Your Monkey Minute

Your Monkey Minute
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Cash Flow with BIUs in a Robert Kiyosaki "B-Quadrant" system built for you!
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YMM - The IRS is Your Friend?
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YMM - Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. Launching in AZ
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YMM - Having a J-O-B Sucks!
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Join us as we explore the topics of

Residual Cash Flow & Economic Strategies
used by the Ultra Wealthy & Social Elite...

We hope to Provoke a desire on Main Street to learn the Financial Elites' techniques which not only get you out of debt, but Increase Your Passive Cash Flow creating generational wealth For Your Family, and Community!

We not only teach you the little known economic strategies of organic production and consumption, We Financially Equip You with the Most Advanced Fin-Tech needed to help you generate residual cash flows with qualified capital on a


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