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Talent Opportunities

Coffee Monkey Café Manager

$48,500 Annual

Pre-Tax Value With Terms As Negotiated

Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. is accepting Store Manager Applications for launching a structured Coffee Cooperative Opportunity starting with a Café opening in Phoenix, Arizona.  This business is built on empowering individual and community cash flow by appealing to those with a passion for great coffee, culture, and hearts for exceptional service.


This Store Leader will continuously strive to improve corporate operations, increase sales, and build a strong, well-developed and knowledgeable team in alignment with the proprietary values we hold here at the Coffee Monkey.


This position does not come with health benefits; however it comes with a financial literacy education coupled with financial Cooperative Opportunities designed to eliminate your debt, increase your net worth, and build an ongoing passive cash flow to increase your generational wealth portfolio which may continue far beyond your employment at the Coffee Monkey.


It is our goal when you join the “Troop” to teach you how to achieve your dreams by “Cash Flowing with Coffee” through financial vehicles offered exclusively at the Coffee Monkey!  In fact, it’s our goal that you would achieve your goals, so that when your passive cash flow exceeds your wage, it will then become your responsibility to teach others how to do the same, all by doing what we love…sharing the amazing taste of our Organic, GMO-Free, Handcrafted, Artisanal Coffees with community through the Coffee Monkey, and expanding our operations globally.


At the Coffee Monkey, we don’t train Baristas, we produce Business Moguls!

Coffee Monkey Café Barista

$11.00 hr

As Negotiated

As a Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. Barista, this position will be responsible for reviewing and filling customer orders for the day, handling food in a safe manner and ensuring the work area is always clean and neat.  Additionally you will ensure a positive company image by providing courteous, friendly, and efficient customer service to customers and team members.  In return, the Coffee Monkey will reward you with an education in financial literacy designed to take you from Barista to Business Mogul!  We will help you develop and provide opportunity for you to establish a sustainable passive cash flow that should far exceed your wage, and go beyond your employment here at the Coffee Monkey Brewing Co.!

At the Coffee Monkey, we don’t train Baristas, we produce Business Moguls!



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