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Coffee Monkey is Not Just A Healthy Coffee with Amazing Taste...It's a Co-Op You Can Cash Flow With!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

We offer a low risk point of entry into a very lucrative coffee industry, giving the common working class a chance to get their piece by capitalizing on the Multi-Billion Dollar domestic and global market of coffee through proprietary Cooperative Procurement Opportunities offered at the Coffee Monkey!


God created the coffee berry, and said it is good! Then man took the berry and made it into a bean, roasted it, and subdued it to water…and it was VERY GOOD!

While our passionate search for the best cup of coffee lead us into the coffee industry just at the onset of its “4th Wave”, we immediately recognized a critical need for significant improvements concerning the quality of commercial products, services, business conduct and opportunities provided to communities that drink coffee worldwide!

You see, the coffee industry has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar global trade wherein the exploitation of this incredible creation now indicates that the growth of coffee spending is set to outpace its consumption!

However, being the inquisitive and innovative Coffee Monkeys that we are, we were left to ponder why so many market gaps in such a heavily saturated billion dollar industry still existed? The underlying answer we discovered proved to be quite simple.

You see, we often wondered why it’s next to impossible to get a cup of coffee at a local establishment that’s not loaded with pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, and/or other chemicals added to induce addictive tendencies?

We also pondered why so many loyalty programs offered by the big brand names and small boutique cafés alike, really only presented meaningless opportunities such as “Points for Prizes” or “Buy 10 get 1 Free”, so that you will pay for a really expensive cup of brown water? We never really found a loyalty offering with any real intrinsic value that could truly reward the very community which supported the establishment serving them coffee.

Cui bono? Who Benefits From This Practice?

With so many coffee empires and mom and pop cafés opening up all over the world today, the Coffee Monkeys recognized that conventional non-organic, pesticide laden coffee is significantly cheaper to produce, and when coupled with quantity based rewards for overpriced sugar laden drinks to hide the fallacy of their brown water, this formula really only seeks to benefit one person…the owner of the coffee establishment…and certainly not the people who are actually drinking the coffee...if you can call it that!



In recognizing these challenges while seeking earnestly to bring a high-quality cup of coffee to the market, and also wanting to offer a truly UNIQUE VALUE ADDED PROPOSITION to each of our local marketplaces, the Coffee Monkeys helped to develop an empowering strategic economic program to offer a Cooperative Procurement Opportunity or "CPO" within each community that wants to increase its positive cash flow potential and prop-up its domestic economy.

Or to put it frankly, the Coffee Monkey CPOs are essentially Co-Ops hopped up on capital performance enhancers designed to yield a VERY prosperous future for ALL who participate... individually and community wide!

CPOs offer Silver Syndication for Monetary Royalties remitted in Silver which hold Real Intrinsic Value Preservation that can be further harnessed to significantly increase one's net worth, and our participating communities worldwide. Or as we affectionately like to call these, our “TROOPS”!

Coffee Monkey Brewing Co was designed to locally help surrounding communities organically capitalize on an $225 Billion Dollar international Industry sector, by providing turn-key cash flow vehicles that are currently trending into the 4th phase of industrial development, even as we write this!

You see, at the Coffee Monkey, one’s willingness to give, truly determine the royalties one receives in reward!

However, our business development plan is so far advanced, that we feel we can actually redefine progress within the coffee industry, and become the REAL INFLUENCERS behind a 5th phase of its evolution...we can achieve this by working together!

Our Systemic Turn-Key Solutions allows you to get into the Coffee Industry and start cash flowing with the Coffee Monkey Brewing Company at a very small commitment on your part, but in real benefit, should economically empower your local small businesses and domestic economies, while simultaneously increasing YOUR PERSONAL CAPITAL POTENTIAL to achieve a legitimate sustainable passive cash flow that could even rival the income generated by your day job!

Stop trading your living hours for dollars, and learn how to leverage our time and capital resources for your freedom!

To do this, you need a SYSTEM! One that is easily duplicated, and ethically leverages other people’s time and money. Just like the G.E. Capital’s Organic Economic Growth Model made famous by Jack Welch, Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. is ready to build a coffee empire that removes the “Star” C.E.O. from the equation, and puts the “Bucks” back into YOUR HANDS!

Coffee Monkey removes the StarC.E.O. from the equation, and puts the Bucksback into YOUR HANDS!


While offering an ongoing voluntary curriculum teaching Financial Literacy from the level of Social Elite Entrepreneurialism. Coffee Monkeys put you on track for winning at the Cash Flow game, and give you a real chance to get out of the “rat race” and start building a future with liberty to do what you want, when you want. Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. is a wonderfully unique strategy that Harnesses the power of Coffee for your financial freedom, wherein you are "In business for yourself, but NOT BY YOURSELF!"

Harness the Power of Coffee!


  1. A chance to get out of debt, restore your freedom, pay for additional needs, help aging parents, and create a legacy of generational wealth for your posterity.

  2. A solid ongoing education in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Business Principles that are typically reserved only for the Social Elite, and NEVER taught in High Schools, Universities or Business Schools!

  3. An ongoing Royalties & Rewards Program that is awarded in Tax-Free silver to influential consumers who become “Ambassadors of Change” within their domestic and international communities. It is our intention to lead a business reform strategy that will develop a positive organic economic growth for all participating small businesses and communities involved worldwide!

  4. Real Tax-Benefits to help increase your net worth by lawfully retaining more of what you worked so hard for.

  5. A sustainable turn-key passive cash flow system that will increase your freedom by eventually releasing you from exchanging hours for dollars, and to make a real positive impact that intrinsically exceeds the monetary benefits you will receive.


If you have read this far, pat yourself on the back, because you are in the top 5% of people who are poised to succeed and in so doing actually make a difference! Excel in the MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY you will ever have the chance to participate in.

We want to hear from you!

We have a closed session recruitment Training and Opportunity presentation that will occur on Tuesday/Thursday at 7:00 PM sharp. But seating is VERY limited, so you MUST RSVP!

(CLICK HERE) to reserve your seat!

Then come and meet our registered community leaders in your area to see if what we have might be a good fit for you!

Call Us at: (833) No1 BREW or 833 661 2739

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