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Build Cash Flows Coffee Monkey CPOs

Cooperative Procurement Opportunities or ("CPOs") are essentially Syndicated Cash Flow Vehicle Systems that are "Silver Backed","Community Owned" & "Privately Managed" for the purpose of asset portfolio capital enhancement via service and product distribution.

CPO chains operate internationally with the strength of Solid Brand Uniformity and High Quality Product Consistency.  Every Coffee Monkey CPO is part of a Global Initiative operating in Professional Alliance through a G47 Marketplace distribution model.  Our vision is to inject our Revolutionary Economic Paradigm as a disruptive force to effect the global coffee industry, and its standard operating economic principals. 

Our Coffee Monkey CPOs are architecturally designed to REMOVE the overpaid "Star" CEOs of the "Social Elite", and bring the "Bucks" back to you on "Main Street!"  Our business and financial strategies are proven to increase the positive cash flow potential for all who are actively CoVest their Time, Talent and Treasure, as well as hugely impact participating communities both domestically and the world abroad. 

Coffee Monkey is part of an Economic Reform Strategy using small businesses as the medicinal "antidepressant" to combat a foreseeable Global Economic Depression!

Coffee Monkey CPOs greatly mitigate capital risks by first securing individual CoVestments with cold hard silver domiciled in jurisdictionally secured sovereign ICO Vesting Accounts ("IVAs").  While the performance of any business can certainly hold evaluated risks, our Multi-Dimensional cash flow strategies coupled our collective application of leveraged IVA silver assets for silver syndicated project funding truly takes CoVesting in community to another level!

When you join the Troop by CoVesting in a Coffee Monkey CPO, you then become eligible to qualify and receive Quarterly Royalties based upon 10% of the Location and Corporate net capital generated pursuant to the number of Beneficial Interest Units (BIUs) assigned to your CoVestment issued from the limited pool of BIUs available to all participants.

All participants receive Relationship & Royalty Rewards remitted on a quarterly disbursement schedule pursuant to the percentage of their CoVested BIU Holdings for each silver backed syndication (CPO Asset Pool).  As such, those who CoVest more, receive more! 

Essentially, we have collectively created a High-Performance Silver Syndication model that utilizes a Systemic Hybrid of Business & Real Estate Cash Flow Vehicles wherein: 

One's willingness to give, truly determine the rewards they continually receive!  

"The Coffee Monkey CPO is a Disruptive Economic Paradigm Designed to Promote Real Altruism Through  Turn-Key Systems of Capital Rewards and Recognition!"

If you are here today looking for an "investment" simply to grow and develop your personal wealth, DO NOT CONTACT US.  However, if you are looking to organically increase your passive cash flow potential via exponential sustainable positive community growth, the Coffee Monkey wants to introduce you to a new economic paradigm with a range of Strategic Philanthropists ready to serve, and who indeed have the capital assets and desire to see you succeed.

Coffee Monkeys are "Ambassadors for Social Change" seeking to develop "Socially Responsible Consumers" with Automated Peer to Peer capital we can ALL THRIVE together as an international community CoVested in each other and cash flowing with coffee!  

"Individually we are but a drop of water.  Together we are an ocean of opportunity!"

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