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A Community of Cooperation

Building A Community of Cooperation

Strengthening the Bonds of Community

with CoVested Opportunity

The Coffee Monkey Brewing Company is committed to being a positive presence in every community, organically, economically and ecologically.  Working in professional alliance with the iCovest and the iCovest Market, Coffee Monkey offers Cooperative Procurement Opportunities for all seeking to improve their local economy, while increasing their bottom line.  We actively support the development of cooperatives and collectives that bring living wage jobs and democratic workplaces to the local communities who will have us.  We are Ambassadors for Social Change who regularly CoVest from our Time, Talent and Treasure to stimulate domestic economies through local fairs and other engaging community events.  In an effort to minimize our negative impact on the planet resources, we recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible, while drawing on the sun’s rays for energy.

Cooperative Mission

The Coffee Monkey Cooperative Mission

Our guiding organization has over three decades of experience in business development via organic ECO-nomic Systems.  The Coffee Monkey, in deploying duplicable strategies with multi-dimensional cash flows procured from syndicated project funding stimulus, is able to generate sustainable royalties for all of our CoVested community members.  We strive to offer resources, education and a forum for informational exchange for all local communities and organizations who will have us.

Our goals include, but are not limited to:

  • To offer more to our consumers and labor force than what any other coffee shop will ever be willing to do…simply we’re removing the “Star” CEO, and giving the “Bucks” back to you!

  • Providing affordable coffee food products which have minimal negative impact ecologically and socially

  • Buying goods from local organic farmers, collectives, bakers, dairies and other local businesses whenever possible

  • Providing our consumers with the best possible service

  • Providing Coffee Monkey Mobile Operators with a livable wage, while developing a sustainable generational passive cash flows for all of our syndicated iCovestors

  • Creating a nonhierarchical work space based upon respect, mutuality and cooperation

  • Offering low-cost health care options and resources

  • Supporting other collectives and businesses structured as Cooperative Procurement Opportunities

  • Supporting fair labor practices

  • Generating ongoing charitable contributions for local non-profit organizations and positive educational environments

  • Composting all in-store green wastes; recycling, reducing and reusing resources whenever possible

  • Creating a diverse, non-discriminatory environment

  • Providing opportunity for those who may have never had an opportunity to thrive in a truly positive cash flowing environment;

We’re all CoVested here…so with “skin in the game,” we only desire the best for each other!


We maintain an ongoing commitment to make the Coffee Monkey Cooperative an inclusive environment that is welcoming to everyone.

We're Recruiting Officers For The Coffee Monkey Troop

Looking for a fun challenge that yields greater success than any J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) can offer?   


At the Coffee Monkey we are always recruiting fun, innovative, entrepreneurial, like minded Coffee Monkeys to join the Troop!  Currently we're looking for Commanding Officers to LEAD THE TROOP into greater positions that will dominate the coffee industry with our DISRUPTIVE PARADIGM of business.  Leaders who aren't scared of a challenge, and wiling to think WAY OUTSIDE OF THE BOX when it comes to business.

Check-out our talent opportunities currently available to you:

Talent Opportunities

Apply To Be A Coffee Monkey Mobile Operator

People often email us and ask how they can become a member of our co-op.  Well, you have to CoVest!  Unlike consumer co-ops, we are managed by the people who stock the shelves, sweep the floors and pay our bills.  We are a community who know the true reward of CoVesting our Time, Talent and Treasure as a means to achieve what we each desire out of life.  Our goal is to help as many families achieve financial freedom through a system of support that offers education in financial literacy, a business vehicle to generate a sustainable passive cash flow for our CoVested Member’s, build and equip Ambassadors for social change by developing a community of socially responsible consumers.


Coffee Monkey Mobile Operator
CM Enclosed Container Mock Up (Climate C

Where to Apply

We hope you’ve already visited us so that you can get a feel if you want to work here.  If not, please do so.  You can always ask for an application at our front desk or complete our online application form.
Even if we have no opportunities at the moment, we will take applications anytime.  Please don’t expect a call back, but please be tenacious with us if you feel you belong here.

Mobile Operator Criteria

While all kinds of people work here, we seek committed motivated individuals who don’t mind going above and beyond their scheduled shift.  Health food and collective experience is always helpful but if you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to share what we know.  We are not just training Bomb-Diggity Baristas at the Coffee Monkey ... we're teaching our peers through hands-on apprenticeship to become “Business Moguls!”

Why Join the Coffee Monkey Troop?

Enlisted Coffee Monkey Troopers

Coffee Monkey Members with a Trooper Eco-Band 

•    10% discounted off all online Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. coffee products
•    10% rebated in 24hrs. for all online Coffee Monkey Brewing Co. products on carts over $50.00

•    50% off entry CoVestment to special events hosted by Coffee Monkey Brewing Co.
      (Coffee Monkey Culture Festivals, Regional CPOs, Concerts, etc.)

•    Lower prices on in store Member's Staple and Member's Special items

​Procurement Participating Members (PPMs)

These are Troopers who have a CoVested Community Stake-holding 
​via Beneficial Interest Units in Coffee Monkey Brewing Co.

•    Lifetime membership
•    10% discount once per month on a consumption of $35 or more
•    20% discount during quarterly Member's Weekends
•    10% discount when eating at the Coffee Monkey Brewing Co.
•    20% discount every Friday and Sunday
•    Lower prices on Member’s Staple and Member’s Special items
•    Voting rights for Coffee Monkey’s Co-Op Board Members
•    Procurement Participating Members (PPMs) may run for board member positions
•    PPMs may relinquish Coffee Monkey Beneficial Interest Units (BIUs) back to Coffee Monkey after reaching their
      one year vesting period at the current value for each BIU remitted in ICO; or PPMs may exchange their BIU

      holdings for exchange in like kind value between their peers, but must notify Coffee Monkey Brewing Company

      in writing concerning the exchange.

Why Join the Coffee Monkey Troop?
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