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Kahvi the "Coffee Monkey"

Kahvi the Coffee Monkey's Story.


Not too long ago, in a jungle far, far away, an innovative little creature was born.

His troop named him “Kahvi the Coffee Monkey!” This is because he was so obsessed

with coffee cherries, and was always excited about everything that life had to offer!

However, Kahvi's not content by just staying in the jungle, and he truly wants to get out to see the world.

Will you cover the administrative adoption fees for Kahvi the Coffee Monkey, and bless him with a 

"Forever Home" together with your family?  Then you can take him all around the world and show him what life is really all about.  Be sure to post your family adventures with Kahvi at #KahviAdventures!

Or you can track his latest adventures as they unfold here at


If you don't want to adopt Kahvi forever, you can also offer to give him a temporary "Foster Home" so that he can experience life with your family...and when you feel it's time for Kahvi to move on, we can help arrange the next family to receive and care for Kahvi to continue his adventures around the world!

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