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A Community of Cooperation

Cooperative Procurement Opportunities

That Can Help You

•    Generate a Passive Cash Flow through Quarterly Royalties Remitted in Silver

•    Achieve Financial Freedom & Generational Wealth
•    Help Family & Friends Get Financially Free!
•    Learn Financial Techniques of the Social Elite, brought to Main Street!
•    Systematically Transform Your Local Economy thru Strategic Organic Economic Growth!
•    Increase Your Bottom Line simply by Consuming what you enjoy!
•    Enjoy great coffee ... and other wonderful products from The Coffee Monkey Brewing Company!


“Coffee Monkeys are as much about great coffee,

as we are about empowering our community!”

You see, we’re a creature culture of young, innovative minds, “Co-Vested” together to disrupt the economy with a NEW PARADIGM of business school brilliance!  

Our mission is to impact more families with sustainable royalty based cash flows, and to provide labor opportunities coupled with an ongoing curriculum of revolutionary financial literacy that our local economy can build and thrive from.  

We’re doing this simply by removing the “Star” CEO from the equation, and putting the “Bucks” back into your hands!  The Coffee Monkey Co-Op allows you to significantly increase your passive cash flow potential, while in chorus keeping good conscious by giving back to every supporting community ten fold!  In fact, in being socially responsible Coffee Monkeys, our willingness to cooperatively share, directly impacts how much we each sustainably receive!

When you say “iCovest in Coffee Monkey”, you’re really saying “YES” to a sustainable cash flow resource for you and your family by participating in a truly revolutionary Cooperative Procurement Opportunity (CPO); and also “YES” to the empowerment of an economic reform strategy thru a proprietary systemically duplicable infrastructure.  In fact, we not only broke the mold of business, we have truly redefined the way local and global economies can function together while operating in true altruism!

This ain’t no “Monkey Business!”  But we sure love to monkey around while achieving real interactive exchange within each of our communities!  Let the Monkeys show you a true opportunity that yields real equitable rewards for you, while simultaneously making a positive economic impact as we begin to trail blaze through every town across the nation!

Come and check out the Coffee Monkey CPO (a function of the ISDA in a G47  global economic reform strategy) where we say, "iCovest in Organic Economic Community Development!" 

Tuesday/Thursday 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM

San Tan Corporate Center II

6100 W. Ray Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85226

Your Monkey Biz!

Coffee Monkey Brewing Company

is "Your Monkey Biz!"

Coffee Monkeys serve Coffee with a cause!
We’re changing lives one family at a time, simply by increasing each family's bottom line thru this game changing business vehicle that generates tremendous passive cash flow potential for every member of our Troop.  

Coffee Monkey is YOUR Monkey Business! 

That’s  because we’re all working together...CoVested in each other, and in each of our communities.  By offering financial literacy education and economic stimulation leading unto a positive personal impact for everyone involved, why wouldn’t you join the Troop, and CoVest in the Coffee Monkey Co-Op Today!

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