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Many are saying "The One is far superior

in taste than all other kinds of coffee".

It has won every of our blind taste tests in quality and in taste

when compared with its leading competitors...hands down.

why buy organic?

We only source the finest organic coffee that meets the strictest standards for quality, fair ethical trade and environmental sustainability.  Our coffee is grown without the use of any genetic engineering, pesticides or harsh chemicals. 

From farm to roast, much time, skill and patience were put into each process.  Our coffee is masterfully roasted, using only the finest Arabica Beans.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product, bringing you the most delicious and enjoyable cup of coffee!

certified organic


Coffee Monkey Brewing Company is dedicated to empowering sustainable organic economies through our ongoing contribution and support of your local small businesses.   Supporting local farming  and roasting communities, while ensuring that all of our coffee beans are ethically sourced is tremendously important to us.  All of our coffee products are organic, and we are conscientious to always operate under Fair Trade practices so you can be sure that our Fair Trade, Organic Coffee comes from sustainable sources which help to provide a high standard working environment for all involved in the production process of our pronounced quality coffee products.  So while we care about the environment and ethical practices, we care about your health too!

Coffee Monkey's coffee is cup tested at every stage of its journey.  “Cupping” is the trade craft of coffee experts who know the real intrinsic value of crafting a REALLY GOOD brew!  Our coffee is cupped prior to shipment to the United States, then cup tested again upon arrival.  Only when satisfied that it meets the highest of quality standards are the beans then accepted at our contracted roasting plant.

Finally, to ensure that ONLY a consistently great product should ever be graced by the presence of your cup’s preeminence, the royal tester first cups your daily roasts on a regular basis prior to shipment.

fun facts


Coffee Monkey isn't just about Organic, GMO-Free Coffee with AMAZING TASTE...we are a CULTURE of SWAG and SUCCESS!  

Coffee Monkey Culture Gear is Here REPRESENT!

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